Lower Extremity Fracture Management System


Design a comprehensive system of ankle and distal tibia plates and instruments for a leading orthopedic company wishing to expand into the plate and screw market and leverage their soft tissue management products.


  • Designed 5 families of low profile, anatomic ankle and tibia plates with translucent, low profile aiming guides. Surgeon feedback on these implants continues to be great with exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Designed 9 families of low profile cortex, cancellous and locking screws.
  • Designed a cannulated screw system that by itself, rivals competitive systems.
  • Redesigned a Torx screw drive mechanism for enhanced function and ease of manufacturing & inspection.
  • Designed a low profile depth gauge calibrated to all 9 screws in the system.
  • Designed drill bits, thread taps, drill guides and countersinks.
  • Trained sales consultants and surgeons.
  • Developed new inspection and gauging methods.


  • Dramatically reduced time to market and increased revenue by $30M
  • Increased market share and leveraged existing soft tissue products.
  • Turned a soft tissue OEM into a major hardware player with a game-changing system.
  • Trained and developed¬†expertise of engineers and project teams to continue expanding market share.


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