Lumbar Intervertebral Body Fusion Device



  • Design a complete system of Lumbar IBFD’s and associated instruments for a startup company.
  • Provide detailed designs and documentation required for FDA approval and product release.
  • Collaborate with surgeons to determine feasibility of new ideas for the development of additional spine product lines.


  • Design a complete system of lumbar IBFD implants and associated implant-specific and discectomy instruments to meet requirements of product manager and collaborating surgeons.
  • Perform testing, tolerance analyses and FEA in support of FDA approval and product release.
  • Determine feasibility of 11 collaborative projects with surgeons by creating initial designs, making prototypes and estimating clinical effectiveness, cost, time and project scope.


  • Release a complete spine system from concept through manufacturing with outstanding clinical results, fast time to market, and minimal development cost.


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