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Conceptual Design

Do you have an idea for a product but don’t know how or where to begin? Let Peake Solutions assist you with a simple feasibility study and provide you with engineering support to help you learn the estimated time, cost and scope required to transform your ideas into reality. We can customize solutions to fit your specific requirements, including:

  • Create a detailed project plan with milestones, tasks, and dates
  • Create a competitive market analysis
  • Create a working list of all functional requirements
  • Conduct a preliminary engineering analysis
  • Make recommendations for materials and manufacturing methods

3D Modeling and 2D Drafting

Do you have a need for computer drafting and modeling support? Does your existing project lack the engineering design resources to stay on schedule? Are you submitting a patent and require detailed engineering drawings and sketches?

Peake Solutions can complete your work in a thorough and timely manner with the utmost attention to quality and detail. Our designers use your measurements, sketches or legacy CAD data to create professional documents and models that give your business the security of knowing your files are correct and have the accuracy required to use 3D printers or rapid prototyping services.

Engineering Analysis and Consulting

Do you have a special engineering problem but lack the resources to provide the solutions?

Peake Solutions has expertise in biomedical and electromechanical systems. Our engineers are able to provide professional consulting services to solve these problems and to keep your project on schedule. Additionally, if you have a part or assembly that requires engineering analysis using finite element analysis or other numerical methods, Peake Solutions can provide you with the analysis results and an easy to understand engineering summary.

Product Development

Have you decided to proceed with a project but lack the resources or industry professionals to develop your idea?

Peake Solutions’ engineers and designers will discuss your project requirements with you, customize a solution to meet your needs, and will develop the design to make it manufacturable and ready for release to the market. You will receive all drawings, models, analyses and required documentation to retain for your records and future development efforts at your facility.

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